Week 28: A Glimmer of Light

We’re Getting There

Walking up the stairs to the Master Suite we are now bathed in a column of natural light spreading all the way to the 1st floor landing thanks to our ceiling dome that was installed this week. It isn’t really a dome from the inside as it is flush to the ceiling but uses the dome shape on the roof to capture as much light possible. Before this was in when you shut all the doors there was no natural light touching the loft area or 1st floor landing so it has really made a difference.
In other lighting news, most of the down lights have been installed including the ones in the dressing room:

and the ‘invisible square’ lights in the reception room alcoves:

In the master suite the floor lights have been uncovered. These had to be top notch ones because they are in the floor and need to be shatter proof. We’ve put three in the area just before the eaves storage and are really looking forward to seeing them switched on.

The storage area in this room is actually pretty big. I thought I’d ‘model’ this to show a bit of perspective:

Oh, is that a radiator you see? Yes it is! The builders have been busy this week getting the radiators in place ready for the plumber to fix them. The one in the front bedroom shows a better example of the finish as it is all chromed and has a close up of the valve we chose to match the door knobs ~(which haven’t been fitted yet).

This weekend was the first time that we realised our list of things to do before moving in was shorter than the week before. We also managed to get a lot of outstanding decisions and purchases made in one morning because we needed to watch the rugby in the afternoon. We’ve now made all paint decisions (apart from the reception rooms which we have made a conscious choice to leave white until we have lived in for a while). The kitchen has started being primed ready for painting and it was nice to see the kitchen uncovered again. We are going for a dark base unit colour and an off white for the wall units. This was inspired by quite a few ideas and originally came from Axe, which is strange because he is usually an advocate of off-white everywhere. Here are some examples of where Axe’s inspiration has come from – including Nigel Slater’s garden kitchen shown in his TV series ‘Simple Suppers’, Gwyneth Paltrow’s kitchen and a few two-toned ideas I spotted on A Detailed House’s blog.

I don’t think we have shown you any pictures of our bedroom fireplace surrounds. They were bought a couple of weeks back and were installed last week. They are still in ‘before’ stage as we will be re-tiling the inserts and until the chimney brest in the side bedroom is done we’re not sure whether to keep the surround natural or paint it. We showed Kieran the paint and he liked it so much he started to ‘fingerpaint’ the wall. Quite glad he’s not painting our house!

One more thing – the verdict about the stairs. The carpenters were in last Tuesday and they said that if we were to replace the stairs the whole flight including the return will need renewed. This would be a time consuming and costly job and not ideal when the finish line is so close. So the only option really is to have a support post in the middle of the open space we wanted. At the moment it’s being supported by a length of wood, but we are hoping they can find a steel post to look like our lovely banister end post.

Current stairs support

What we want the post to look like

We are still hoping to be moved in (which means the builders are moved out) before Easter weekend which gives us two weeks. Someone asked me in the office how far we are from moving in and when I said ‘2 weeks’ they said “How long has it been 2 weeks away for?” No Comment.


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